the Hip opinion

Rants + Reviews

The Hip Opinion has been my blog since 2008. It was a brainstorm of mine one night when I had a headache. I abandoned it so my brother Earl D. picked it up to review movies. He now reviews movies on his personal blog – The Rare Review.

Now that i have seen the light I decided to redesign the site and see what happens. So far, nothing has!

My Super Powers


Blog Articles

Sure, whatever. I try to write something somebody may be entertained with. Or perhaps to soothe me terrible mind.


I do music videos and sometimes vlog about something on my mind. But nothing ever is.


Music Production

I’ve been cuttiong demos in a bedroom since I was 10. I’m usually the only one who listens to it. Maybe the only one who wants to.


Web Design

I started web design even before the birth of this blog. I used html, css, dreamweaver, flash and fireworks. Not anymore.


EarlD writes rare reviews on thise site, but if a merchent somewhere does me wrong, don’t be suprised if I pan that merchant on this site too-  viciously.

Playing Drums

I could hold my own on the drums, expeially in my young years. Now my drums are across the street in a storgage. unit.  

About Me

Do you ever wonder what happens when you flush the toilet? Well, it comes to me. I work in the wastewater industry. Thats my main gig. I thought about making this my personal resume but I’m not looking for a job. I already have one. But I maintan my hobbies somehow. Once upon a time I had dreams to supplement my income on the internet. Those dreams are long gone. Whatever.  I designed this website to rant my nonsense and showcase my mediorcre talents.

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