I'm here..Somewhere.Everybody has an opinion. You can see  while walking around this strange life  here on planet earth. And you never really know someones position on any particular topic. It’s always fun (or surprising) what people actually think. And that is what this website is all about. YOUR hip opinion.

Rather it’s sex, religion, online romance, cheating,  politics, etc. We all have something to say about it right? And  as humans love a good debate.

So please… Tell me what ya think? Ya dig?

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About Me

I am a webmaster and internet professional wannabe. I am totally self taught in computers and web design. I have been working in the printing business for about 12 years. I love to surf the net and keep up with trends in technology.

I publish wacky stuff on the internet.. Just for the fun of it.

I’m an underground oklahoma musician too… I write and record a bunch of  wacky music and publish it  online … Just for the fun of it

Movie Reviews

Reel mosaic
Reel mosaic (Photo credit: Carbon 

My brother Dean is our staff movie reviewer… He reviews films old and new every week. His conservative slant works in good contrast to my more liberal slant… It’s good chemistry

Why does he review movies?
Just for the fun of  it.

Life’s too short not to have fun… Ya digg?

Shine On!