America Plants “The Last Kiss”

The American version of Gabriele Muccino’s Italian film, The Last Kiss, directed by Tony Goldwyn, is as dandy as the original.  Neither flick is great, but both are vivacious dramatic grabbers.

Goldwyn’s film (2006) is, as critic Ella Taylor opined, an “admirably understated handling,” albeit she adds that it’s a handling of “dispiritingly slender material.”  Not to me.  Slender material, yes, but not dispiritingly slender.  The movie is a partly comic roundelay of absolute chemistry between guys and gals and of turmoil and bitterness.  It’s simple but electric.

More, it’s an actor’s triumph.  Well, not for Zach Braff and Casey Affleck, but Tom Wilkinson and Michael Weston never stumble.  Jacinda Barrett is entirely convincing in sweet calm and in fury, while Blythe Danner is commanding in nuance.  Rachel Bilson’s character may be too compulsively romantic, but Bilson’s performance is pleasantly animated.  Very comely, too, are these females, as were the females in Muccino’s film.  This Last Kiss, however, is sexier than the original, which is somehow proper.  The remake ought to be spicy, somewhat candid, for, after all, the first version has the advantage of being the first version.

Cover of "The Last Kiss (Widescreen Editi...

Cover of The Last Kiss (Widescreen Edition)


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