This story has been my top post on this blog. Rod Stewart – It’s amazing how that such an old story could possible still be popular over 30 years later…Very strange.

I read the story in it’s entirety in Rolling Stone Magazine years ago… I had already heard it on the streets when I was a kid. The magazine story was the first time the story was ever put into print. It was spread totally by word of mouth.

It’s funny, when you mention that Rod had to have his stomach pumped to somebody…They either start laughing or don’t have any idea what your talking about.

They are either ‘in the know’ or they are not ‘in the know’

And rolling stone says it was a GALLON… Not a couple of quarts. But all the versions vary.

It’s a sick world out here
…  I mean, have you heard about Stevie Nicks story? It’s kind of weak. But whatever. Rock on folks!

Originally posted in Oct of 2016. This post has seen more traffic over the years than all my other posts combined. And people still come see over 20 years later.