Are the Rolling Stones Devil Worshipers?

Are the Rolling Stones Devil Worshipers?

“The Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request” – That is my favorite Stones record. It’s like their phsychodlic answer to Sargent Pepper Lonly Hearts Club Band. Some would probably say the Beatles record is better but that Stones record is pretty freaking good. It talks about them worshiping the devil and praising sweet Satan and his band of demons at the lake of fire.

Are the Stones Devil Worshipers?

Well, if you say so. Lots of the British bands were devil lovers weren’t they? Led Zeppelin were devil worshipers. Or that’s what they say. If you listen to Stairway to Heaven backwards it too mentions My Sweet Satan. That would be freaking devil love. Allister Crowleys Knight in Satan Service.

Rock and Roll is of the Devil

 That’s what they say. If you listen to Rock music your going to Hell. There is absolutely nothing redeeming or positive about rock music whatsoever. You may as well be damning your soul to a permanant vacation home at the lake of fire. I’ve been to tent meetings that would talk about this all night long. 

Let’s take this a bit further. Thinking your safe from the wiles of the Devil by going to a Christian bookstore and getting Christian Rock is deceptive. Those bands are also often playing in a 4/4 time signature and that is the devils. – Lucifiers time signature. 

So… The Stones song, Sympathy for the Devil – Need I say more? Satan himself is speaking directly through Mick Jagger on that one… I mean for real…

So what should we do about all of this? The Devils everywhere huh? Here it is…

Just don’t listen to ANY music!

brown demon illustration

Is Bugs Bunny a Trans Sexual?

Bugs Bunny is a Trans Sexual. . It’s funny I had written this short post clear back in 2008. Now, Here in 2022 the Trans thing is certainly talked about on a scale that was only imagined back then. Oh how time flies.

Here is the original post from 2008

That’s what I’ve heard… Bugs Bunny. Is he (or she) Bi? I really like that dude er… person. I’ve even seen the banned ones where he is poking fun at black folks… But that’s my question hipsters… Is Bugs transgender? Something we may never know…Hmmmm?

Please…Tell me what ya think!!!!


Oh I doubt I really wanted to know what people thought… I’d seen the cartoons so my mind was pretty much made up. Bugs Bunny is a Tranny. Right? Take a look:

It’s Complex

I got the idea when somebody brought the idea up at a cocktail party. I haven’t been to very many but that is what they called it and somebody told me that Ol’ Bugs was a Trans Sexual. And so I thought about it. Then I asked a few of my friends, acquaintances and co workers over the years. Their reply was usually… “maybe”

So now its been about 15 years as of this writing and I still don’t know. And guess what?

I don’t give a damn.


Looking for Shit? It’s Easy to Find

I'm here..Somewhere.Yell out the car window “Hey… you wanna start some shit”?!?!

Yes folks…. Its reality… If you look for trouble (shit) -your gonna find it…  Just grab a big bucket… Pour it in and grab a stir stick… I’ll bring the fan and we can let the fun begin.

And you KNOW this… (more…)

Who is smartest…Beavis or Buthead?

Beavis and Butt-head fighting.

Beavis and Butt-head fighting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you like Beavis and Butthead?  Be honest..Do you really think those dudes are funny? -Well I DO!

I guess they have not been around for quite some time have they? Spreading havoc all over the place…Ruining the neighborhood…Bagging on good and bad music… Just being general menaces to society.

-Update: They made a come back…I havent’ seen any of the new episodes tho :{

You ever eaten where they work? – Burger World?  Its a world wide chain… Maybe not?

No matter… Be careful where ya eat…Them dudes may be working there after all.

So lets get on to the ultimate question here..

Who is smarter? Beavis or Butthead? – My cousin asked me this question years ago when we were sitting around watching the show! It’s one of those brain teasers… Something to really ponder…. Sure there are other philosophical things to consider in the universe. – We all love a good challenge don’t we?

Hmmmmm… Let me thing about this a minute… Did i actually know anybody similar to these dudes back in Jr High? You know, people lighting farts and such. – Hmmmmm YES! I SURE DID!

Let me see….Of those guys and their crew… (of which I was a part) Which one of them was more intelligent? Which one had the higher IQ? Which one had the best ideas? ~Memories~

Who cares right? Me!

The ANSWER? According to my cuz…

Beavis is actually the smart one…. Butthead is just older

Hey… It’s all clear to me now!

Scooby Doo Gang – Pot Smoking Ghost Busters?


Image via Wikipedia

I was told awhile back from some hipsters that the Scooby doo gang are actually pot smoking, poetry writing hippies. Is it true?

Oh sure we all have our own ideas about cartoon characters… I have heard it before.

Cartoon Controversy:

  • Beavis and Butthead – Beavis is the smart one?
  • Bugs Bunny – He’s transgender?
  • Sponge  Bob – He’s a gay man?

Oh I’m sure there’s more… I really need to research this stuff huh?

But what about the Scooby Doo ghost busting gang?  Let me think about this a minute here…… ????


They drive around in the “mystery machineseeing things. They got the munchies all the time. And they got a dog with the middle name “doobie”.

It’s all making sense now……..

Of course you know they do a great job for the community.  Busting bad guys that are scaring off people so they can get away with their crimes.  We need more kids like this huh?

It’s a good thing they are not drug testing them over at the ghost buster’s union…  Sheese… I’d hope not…

Yo….Scooby and the Gang…. Smoke ’em if ya got em…….

Star Trek – Fist Fight – Kirk and Picard.

You hipster’s like Star Trek?  Have you ever thought what would happen if Captain’s Kirk and Picard had a fistfight? So do you have some time? Let’s consider these old Star Trek debates.

Space Debates

  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars
  • Who’s the hottest? Counselor or Doctor. (next generation)
  • Best engineer – Scotty or La Forge
  • Do the ‘red shirts’ always get killed?
  • Did they break the ‘Prime Directive’ AGAIN???
  • Fist Fight – Kirk or Picard?

This has been a very old debate

I remember this fist fight stuff  being discussed on the internet  way back when the internet was young.  I don’t frequent Star Trek forums or chat’s or anything… But here I am tonight *thinking* about it again.  Yes folks which one is better??

On the original series Kirk was throwing down all the time.  He was always just taking the bull by the horns and beaming on down and taking care of stuff… You dig?  Picard liked to stay in his ready room and read Shakespeare.  Hey…Whatever works, right?

I’m sure Picard had plenty of hand to hand combat training too… Back at star fleet in his college days.

So which is it huh? Kirk or Picard?  I just gotta know.

Hey, wait a minute here. I just found something.  Never mind the fistfight…… How about and all out:


Hey.  I won’t spoil it for ya! You just gotta watch it.  Well, if ya got the time 🙂