That would be your 100,000,000,000 Island dressing.

The big mac supper club has been serving up these huge sandwiches for as long as I can remember… Billions and billions served. There just never is a better time to get some of that good stuff. Especially with the economy going out the window.

You can still get the Big Mac Value Meal for about 5 bucks… A family of 4 can eat for just a little over $20. Cheaper if ya got small kid’s getting the “happy meals” You may even have enouph left over to buy the crew some ice cream cones.

I know this isn’t everybody’s “friday nite out” but who can beat those prices. And that special sauce… It makes the burger distinctively what it is… A BIG Mac…. I’m LOVIN’ it!

Originally posted in Sept 2008. My how things have changed. The days of getting a value meal for $5.00 are long gone. The food quality and service of Fast food restaurants have nosedived since the pandemic.