Did Rod Stewart Have his Stomach Pumped?

Did Rod Stewart Have his Stomach Pumped?

This story has been my top post on this blog. Rod Stewart – It’s amazing how that such an old story could possible still be popular over 30 years later…Very strange.

I read the story in it’s entirety in Rolling Stone Magazine years ago… I had already heard it on the streets when I was a kid. The magazine story was the first time the story was ever put into print. It was spread totally by word of mouth.

It’s funny, when you mention that Rod had to have his stomach pumped to somebody…They either start laughing or don’t have any idea what your talking about.

They are either ‘in the know’ or they are not ‘in the know’

And rolling stone says it was a GALLON… Not a couple of quarts. But all the versions vary.

It’s a sick world out here
…  I mean, have you heard about Stevie Nicks story? It’s kind of weak. But whatever. Rock on folks!

Originally posted in Oct of 2016. This post has seen more traffic over the years than all my other posts combined. And people still come see over 20 years later.

Allergy Problems

Allergy Problems

Ok. I can’t freakin’ breathe. -And it sucks

For me, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for these brutal attacks. They just come. In any season.

This week I am attempting to get rid of the stuff before it sit’s and becomes infected by using a Ghetto version of Musinex. Us blue collar folks can’t afford the name brand med’s because Bush has made everything cost so much. (I blame the worlds problems on his administration)

The stuff (snot) is hopefully thinning out the crap that invades and I can blow it out so it doesn’t wind up as a full blown sinus infection… Which often seems to happen when I get these attacks… Then, of course, it’s doctor time. And I ain’t got no insurance right now.And you know what that means… About $100 plus med’s.

Oh my God it sounds like the end of the world doesn’t it?

And over a decade later. Not much changes.. I still have allergies. -Originally posted in Sept 2008

Open Office Vs. Microsoft Office

Open Office Vs. Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is the undisputed king of office apps. Everyone and their dog uses it. It must also be the most pirated program in the world too. I am typing this blog using Open Office. Just because I am a poor guy.

Us poor people have to go with whatever we can get to try and get the same results as those rich guys who can afford $700 computer programs.

It’s a good thing there are programmers out there who realize that some of us folks just aint’ got that kind of capital to throw around… I have often wondered why those guys create these great programs for free….

Just for the fun and practice of it right?

Say now , what can a poor boy do? Except sing for a rock n roll band?
-Mick and the boys….

    This post is from Sept of 2008. Microsoft office is now a subscription based service and I’m unsure if Open Office even exists as it was. This still several cheap of free alternatives to Microsoft Office.

    The DOUFO
    Are Red Headed Folks Hot Headed?

    Are Red Headed Folks Hot Headed?

    He makes me madder than a red headed step child.

    “That ‘ol boy has quite a temper on him… Must be that RED HAIR!”

    I hear that a lot in my travels that people with red hair are easily pissed, hot headed and just generally angry. – Now I’d like to know if that is a simply a wife’s tale or a scientific breakthrough. I never went to college so I have no idea if there is an genetic proof to sustain the theory. (wow that sounds kind of scholarly huh?)

    So is it true? I think I might watch a “Charlies Angels” Marathon and try to see if the Red (strawberry blond) haired chick get’s madder at the bad guys than the other two..

    There are many ways to form a hypothesis… Ya dig?

    This post was originally posted in Sept 2008. In hindsight, no, I don’t think this sounds scholarly at al.

    The DOUFO
    Cell Phone Chargers

    Cell Phone Chargers

    They are really just a pain.

    OK.. You have a Samsung and your kid’s have Motorola’s and your wife has some kind of apple phone Ipod thing with windows …Now, they all lose or “misplace” their charger’s somewhere along the way. The kid’s are paticularly bad about this in thier travels to and from friends and such… Daddy… I lost my charger…Can we get another one?

    Well, which one do you get? I, of course, don’t go to the local phone shop that provides my service… I go to that great evil empire wal mart because I’m poor. There you can get a phone charger  for considerably less..

    It may or may not work!

    That’s so incredible… Looking on the back of the package at the tiny print to see if your phone is listed… Better bring your reading glasses…And of course they have the chord jack hanging out of the package so you can “try it out”. Your phone may fit the jack – But STILL be the wrong one… This was my life just a few weeks ago…
    It happens on a regular basis.

    Oh I have extra chargers from back in the day…That’s for sure… But of course none of them fit. They must be for a different model number. Even if it’s the same brand..It’s just so freakin complicated.

    Why can’t they just have one UNIVERSAL phone charger jack
    … Like a USB or an ethernet jack… But that would just be to easy for society wouldn’t it?

    It’s little things that could make my world so much better…
    But this ain’t my world… It’s the devils right? No wonder it’s such a mess…

    This post is from Sept 2008. Chargers have changed but they are still a major pain.