Gina The Actress, “Jane the Virgin” (Back For Season 3)

The third season of Jane the Virgin, on the CW, has begun, with the married Jane retaining her virginity because hubby Michael has been shot and is in critical condition!

Trauma and pathos are intertwined with mildly comic flashbacks of Jane and Michael developing their mutual crush, and all of this is conventional.  The unconventional stuff is on the periphery, as when Michael’s would-be killer turns out to be Sin Rostro—and what sin there is in this woman!—masquerading as a police officer.  And not just any police officer, but Michael’s partner Susanna!  Is this show crazy, or what?

At least it isn’t just crazy—and it isn’t tiresome yet either.  Gina Rodriguez was brilliant in last night’s episode, as versatile as ever.  And now that she’s playing two roles (sort of merging into one), Yael Grobglas is more of a grabber than she ever has been.


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