More About Last Year’s “The Americans”

I finished watching on DVD the fourth season of The Americans.

Like so many other Communists, from Lenin to Mao, from Beria to Che Guevara, Elizabeth and Philip are murderers.  Out of self-protection, they kill people.  It’s pretty gripping when the distraught black woman insists that she and Elizabeth confess (not to spying but to another crime) to the police, and this prompts Liz to kill her.

Pastor Tim (Kelly AuCoin) gets spared, though, albeit his wife Alice (Suzy Jane Hunt) hotly and frantically accuses Elizabeth and Philip of having had the dude rubbed out in Ethiopia.  Mom and Dad really appreciate your telling Pastor Tim that they’re Russian spies, Paige.

Oh, well.  Be that as it may, 15-year-old Paige (Holly Taylor) is a pleasant girl.  Indeed, we all thought she was a Christian, but . . . is she?

Also: sorry to see good-looking Annet Mahendru (Nina) go.


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