Report #3 On “Jane the Virgin” (Season Two)

I wish the creators of Jane the Virgin hadn’t made Luisa a lesbian because, as far as I’m concerned, Yara Martinez, who plays her, is too lovely to be one.  (Lipstick lesbians are too lovely to be lesbians.)  But, well, make her one they did; and so what we have is some curious comic action involving a lively beauty who’s uninterested in men.  What a drag.  At any rate, the comic action is there:  While Jane fusses with the baby, poor Luisa gets kidnapped by men who handle her with kid gloves until they unfeelingly whack her in the leg.  (What’s up with that?)  Luisa is a SOMEWHAT engaging character—she’d be more engaging in the arms of a man—and Martinez portrays her skillfully.  I fear the actress might be boring in serious moments, but in comic ones she can do funny desperation.  Counts for a lot.




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