“Ted 2”: Let’s Put Ted In A Wood Chipper

Big adolescent Seth MacFarlane has come out with Ted 2 (2015), a sequel to Ted.

Just because the jokes in a comedic flick are sometimes politically incorrect doesn’t mean the flick is a good one.  The concept of a talking teddy bear (who’s a stoner) is pretty puny, pretty mediocre, and thus it doesn’t well serve the movie’s plot.  Yes, although Ted 2 is too vulgar, it is often funny, and yet some of those jokes seem a bit desperate.  Example: a black woman comments on slavery by saying that, first, you’re working beside an African river; then, the next thing you know, “you’re being f**ked by Thomas Jefferson.”

Did Thomas Jefferson f**k a lot of slaves?  Or is it just that McFarlane’s movie is f**ked up?


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