The Wrong Monster To Pick On: The New Movie, “Don’t Breathe”

In the tight thriller Don’t Breathe (2016), by Fede Alvarez, three young felons attempt to rob a lot of settlement cash from a blind veteran, but are neither competent nor superhuman enough to best him.  The dude is ridiculously powerful, and himself evil—for one thing, an atheistic quasi-rapist!  He was the wrong monster to pick on, and a body count slowly rises.  Two of the young felons deserve better.

Alvarez is a committed director, never awkward and with a talent for sobering images.  A night-vision camera (or whatever it’s called) reveals the female thief, Rocky (Jane Levy), looking vulnerable as she walks around in pitch black darkness with wide, coal black eyes.  Don’t Breathe is over the top but disturbingly palatable.  It’s a horror show without torture porn.


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