What Do We Do About The Unemployable? (Politics)

People who have been long unemployed in America will not be hired for nascent jobs.  Employers are not interested in them.  This is the subject of a pretty good Slate.com article by Matthew Yglesias (Dec. 11).

Yet how many times can we provide these people with federal unemployment compensation?  It’s unaffordable.  To do nothing for them, however, “is cruel and insane,” says Yglesias.  Indeed it is.  Something should be done.  Maybe one more year (2014) of unemployment comp, though at the same time I’d like to see President Obama and Congress do all they can to remove this infernal climate of uncertainty for entrepreneurs and corporations.  (Alas, Obama can’t be trusted for this.)  A proliferation of jobs—more jobs than we have workers for—is what is needed:  THIS is what will benefit the long-term unemployed.

Obamacare, thou should’st not be living at this hour.  Or any hour.

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