I am inspired by the success of The Artist to write about an even better silent film–1927’s It.

The title refers not to a sci-fi creature but to that dazzling human quality which entices members of the opposite sex, and herein Clara Bow enacts (outstandingly) a comely character with It.  She’s a frisky salesgirl who falls for her handsome boss, and vice versa.  Because of a misunderstanding, the boss thinks the salesgirl has been non-virginal enough to have given birth to a child and so he spurns her.  The Bow character is taken aback by the boss’s failure to give her the benefit of the doubt . . .

Directed by Clarence Badger and an uncredited Josef von Sternberg (why did it need two directors?), it’s a well-made, charming, amusing rom-com and a perfect vehicle for Bow with her wholesome face and killer eyes.  It’s very much a girl-in-love role.

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Clara Bow

Clara Bow (Image via RottenTomatoes.com)