Jane the virgin in Jane the Virgin, the new CW series, is still waiting till marriage to have sex, and it would be nice to see the show’s writers respect and satisfy that aim.  Curiously, she is involved with a former playboy named Rafael (Justin Baldoni).  (She’s no longer engaged to the police officer, who retains his taste for the interracial.)

It was good to see the talented Yara Martinez again on the Dec. 8th episode, but not quite believable that her character, the put-upon lesbian Luisa Alver, is hauled off to a mental hospital.  Martinez, for good measure, has a conventional beauty and Yael Grobglas, as Petra, an unconventional beauty.  Sleek and wispy-looking, Grobglas is beguilingly adept as a conniving but not wholly self-assured future divorcee.

Good acting and good looks prevail in Jane the Virgin:  the show might be a milestone in commercial effort.  And a funny one at that.