If Spike Lee wants to make a film about the not-yet-obliterated racism of past decades, that’s fine, but he needs to do it without utter agitprop.  Agitprop has no place in art.

Except for Kyle Smith, the critics drooled over BlacKkKlansman (2018); but Smith was right that “The movie is a typical Spike Lee joint:  A thin story is told in painfully didactic style and runs on far too long.”  Painfully didactic, yes:  Lee editorializes nearly all his characters, caring not about them but only his message, such as it is.  It’s okay for him to be implicitly anti-Trump, but it is done in a stupid fashion.  In fact, the whole movie is sufficiently stupid, in its assault on bigotry, to veer into a certain skepticism about American Christians and not just disapproval of the misuse of Christianity by Ku Klux Klan types.

BlacKkKlansman is an unholy wreck.