Toyota Supra MKIV from the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie.

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To me Fast Five (2011), the latest fast-and-furious item, is fairly enjoyable.  But only fairly.  Its best action sequence comes way too early; it’s superior to the final action sequence.  It involves a train targeted by Dominic Toretto (a smug Vin Diesel) and several other criminals, and it’s explosive fun.

Nevertheless, why should the details of the movie’s plot be so crazily childish, as when Toretto’s relatives spring him from captivity by savagely wrecking a prison bus?  Or when Toretto manages to free himself from chains while suspended from a ceiling?  Or when a bikini-clad babe is able to get Mr. Gangster’s handprint on her clothes in order to–oh, never mind.  It’s too silly to go into.  The Westerns I read make a heckuva lot more sense than this thing.

Oh, well.  I still had a good time at Fast Five.  Director Justin Lin is talented at filming car chases, etc.  FF‘s women are comely, and there are interesting shots of Rio, where the action takes place.  Too bad the criminals and a couple of honorable police officers destroy the poor city.