Likable but foul-mouthed, comedian Aziz Ansari has turned up on Netflix with a new standup special (Right Now), and it’s political, provocative and silent about Trump.  For a long time he demolishes identity politics and white p.c.  Departing from this, he has a point about one black guy after another being consigned to jail for smoking weed, but is also inspired to say, “Say what you will about racist people, but they’re usually very brief.  Newly woke white people are exhausting!”  Ansari’s later material (about family and birth control devices), however, is weaker.  Not quite unfunny but weaker.  To me, Aziz Ansari Right Now is usually hilarious but whose language, alas, is intermittently disgraceful.  More disgraceful than when I identify something liberal as bullshit.