Here we go.  Two gay men take a Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, to court because he declined to bake them a wedding cake.  The judge rules that Phillips either prepares the cake or pays a fine, his religious beliefs be damned.

This is hardly the first time something like this has happened.  Advocates for same-sex marriage demand that people violate their consciences in the interest of something the State has legalized.  They are coerced into “recognizing” its “legitimacy” (the quotation marks are necessary), but nothing but the impulse to deny religious freedom is at work here.

Such advocates say to all of us, “I want you to be a Follower.”  Not a Follower of God, to be sure, but a Follower of today’s ultra-egalitarianism.  I say:  LET’S GO TO WAR AGAINST THIS MADNESS!