So far we’re waiting for the maturation of such villains as the Penguin and Catwoman and of Bruce Wayne’s Batman (if indeed it takes place) in the new Fox TV series, Gotham (on Monday nights), but in the meantime there is no mere modicum of criminal activity in depraved Gotham City.  All the perniciousness gives police detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) a run for his money, forcing him to consort with future costumed personages.  He makes a promise to young Wayne, for example, that he will find his parents’ killer.

The sleaziness of the police force, etc. is a stale element in Gotham, and yet the show tries hard not to be boring.  It can be hard-nosed fun if also a bit raffish, and there is first-rate acting from Donal Logue and Robin Lord Taylor (as the future Penguin).  Some of the female thespians could be stronger.

Selina Kyle's first appearance as The Cat in B...

Selina Kyle’s first appearance as The Cat in Batman #1 (Spring 1940). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)