Did you ever see the late Dr. Richard Eby, a Christian physician, on Christian TV?  Like Bill Wiese, he claimed to have visited Hell (in the guise of an unbeliever) and to have witnessed Revelation’s lake of fire.  In his telling, the lake of fire is not merely the “second death,” as the Book of Revelation teaches.  But Christian universalist Gary Amirault maintains that Eby eventually told him he believes God will save all mankind, and that he read a letter from Eby to his cousin with statements to that effect.  Curious.  Was Eby not sent to Hell, after all?  Did he never see the damning lake of fire?  He used to assert that these were loci of everlasting punishment.

Another thing that should be pointed out is that Eby declared on TV that at some point Jesus told him Eby would still be alive when Christ made His second coming.  But the man died in 2002.  And this is to say nothing about whether in his stories about Hell there are the same kinds of contradictions that exist in Bill Wiese’s stories.