I have no interest in seeing the 2013 remake of Carrie, starring Chloe Grace Moretz, but the Village Voice review of it (from October) does interest me.  In particular the following two sentences grabbed my attention:

“When De Palma shot the original [Carrie] in 1976, the sexual revolution had trickled down to the suburbs.  Today, a new puritanism is trickling back up, with politicians and religious leaders trying to keep a new generation of young women from learning how their bodies work.”

Of course this is preposterous.  Carrie in the movie was never taught about menstruation.  So there are politicians and religious leaders fighting the practice of teaching menstruation to today’s real-life Carries?  Are they “trying to keep” them from learning about intercourse and contraceptives too?  Don’t look now, but somehow they’re finding out.

It is hardly worth bringing it up, but there is NO new puritanism going on today.  This is not what Hobby Lobby, worried about insurance coverage of abortion pills and not just of contraceptives, represents. 

Dream on.