Yep, somebody told me a story one day he asked, did Jesus fake his death? It was outside of a place we were waiting to open after the cleaning crew was finished inside. A young couple was there waiting along with myself and a couple of other guys. Here is some of the conversation:

Dude: How’s it goin?
Couple: Very nice thank you. It was a glories day.
Glorious indeed. Beautiful weather.
Yes, God is good. He loves us so much. We are very blessed.
Really? How so?
Well he gave us great jobs and delivered us from sickness. He’s at work in our lives right now!
Uh… Yeah.. Hey, ya’ll believe in Jesus don’t you?
Oh yes, absolutely! He’s God’s son and we believe in him and we are born again.
Well, I’m not Christian, I don’t believe in Jesus.

Oh Hell, where is this going I thought.

“You see folks, the dude continued – I know what really happened. Jesus didn’t die out there, he faked it and then went and hid in another country”.

You know those guys back then could put themselves into a “trance” literally mimicking death. So Jesus was doing this on the cross and was taken down and put in that grave believing he was dead.

Then a few days later he showed up at his apostles house… They told him “dude, if you don’t get the hell outta town right now they are going to CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF. -So Jesus ran off and the legend was born.

The Dude

We all kind of looked at each other and said…. damn.