Did Jesus Fake his Death?

Did Jesus Fake his Death?

Yep, somebody told me a story one day he asked, did Jesus fake his death? It was outside of a place we were waiting to open after the cleaning crew was finished inside. A young couple was there waiting along with myself and a couple of other guys. Here is some of the conversation:

Dude: How’s it goin?
Couple: Very nice thank you. It was a glories day.
Glorious indeed. Beautiful weather.
Yes, God is good. He loves us so much. We are very blessed.
Really? How so?
Well he gave us great jobs and delivered us from sickness. He’s at work in our lives right now!
Uh… Yeah.. Hey, ya’ll believe in Jesus don’t you?
Oh yes, absolutely! He’s God’s son and we believe in him and we are born again.
Well, I’m not Christian, I don’t believe in Jesus.

Oh Hell, where is this going I thought.

“You see folks, the dude continued – I know what really happened. Jesus didn’t die out there, he faked it and then went and hid in another country”.

You know those guys back then could put themselves into a “trance” literally mimicking death. So Jesus was doing this on the cross and was taken down and put in that grave believing he was dead.

Then a few days later he showed up at his apostles house… They told him “dude, if you don’t get the hell outta town right now they are going to CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF. -So Jesus ran off and the legend was born.

The Dude

We all kind of looked at each other and said…. damn.

Is Bugs Bunny a Trans Sexual?

Bugs Bunny is a Trans Sexual. . It’s funny I had written this short post clear back in 2008. Now, Here in 2022 the Trans thing is certainly talked about on a scale that was only imagined back then. Oh how time flies.

Here is the original post from 2008

That’s what I’ve heard… Bugs Bunny. Is he (or she) Bi? I really like that dude er… person. I’ve even seen the banned ones where he is poking fun at black folks… But that’s my question hipsters… Is Bugs transgender? Something we may never know…Hmmmm?

Please…Tell me what ya think!!!!


Oh I doubt I really wanted to know what people thought… I’d seen the cartoons so my mind was pretty much made up. Bugs Bunny is a Tranny. Right? Take a look:

It’s Complex

I got the idea when somebody brought the idea up at a cocktail party. I haven’t been to very many but that is what they called it and somebody told me that Ol’ Bugs was a Trans Sexual. And so I thought about it. Then I asked a few of my friends, acquaintances and co workers over the years. Their reply was usually… “maybe”

So now its been about 15 years as of this writing and I still don’t know. And guess what?

I don’t give a damn.


Do Blonds Have More Fun?

Well, Hmmm? Is it natural. Or is it dyed. Or is it a wig? Hey…It’s late. I’m turning into a pumpkin here. What’s a hipster to do? That’s something that Rod Stewart believes huh?
Of course I got a heck of a topic about him.. But that is somewhere else on this blog. I have no idea where. And, I don’t care.

Do you care about blonds? What about red heads? 

I think Brunets  have more fun than any…That’s probably why I married one. And now, as we grow old together we have more fun that ever. 

Blonds – Fun?

Depends on who you ask. But you can only ask the question a few times. it get’s boring after awhile. In fact, it gets really tired. Some might say it is stating the obvious. But I can’t agree.

Brunets have more fun, period.

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Money cash

Money cash (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Is money they root of all evil? People have been saying that for years… So why do so many people want it? Why is money the root of what drives most people.  There is never enough of what we thought we wanted.

Money…. MONEY….. MONEY

Yes folks…. People are obsessed.. How do I know this? –

  • Check out the TV (advertisements)
  • Check out your neighbors (keeping up with the Jones’s)
  • Check out the stores (sale, SALE, bargains)
  • Check out who you work for (we got to cut costs)
  • Check out politics (need I say more?)
  • Check out Dave (I need a raise)

Betcha could add to that list? (more…)

Do All Religions Pray to the Same God?

Proposed new "unity and diversity" c...

Proposed new “unity and diversity” chaplain insignia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Islams, Jews, Christians. Do they all worship the same God? That’s what President Bush was saying. Of course you know this is America and we do have “freedom of religion”. Thank God for that!

I used to be rather dogmatic in my beliefs. Often trying to convert to my way of faith. Sometime I still do this.  But is that necessarily a good thing to do?

Religious Observations

Here are some reason’s why I have reconsidered my religious thinking

Jesus never twisted arms

In fact he made it easy for people to walk away.  He seemed to know who would accept him and who wouldn’t

Faith should not promote  “fear”

A lot of religious leaders and evangelists tend to teach that if you don’t believe like we said…Then it means, well, eternal damnation.  Uh… are you sure?

Words without Action

Many people are looking for something bigger. A certain faith can talk a good talk, but not walk the walk.  The best evidence for a religious faith is change in the believers actions and behaviors.

Faith is Personal

Many aspects of life can sway the way a person may or may not believe.  If a person is relatively happy in what they find “out there” who am I to say they are wrong… Eternally wrong? I do not know that persons entire story.

Cults and new religious movements in literatur...

Image via Wikipedia

Religion Leads to sharp  disagreement

Many people will not talk about politics or religion – period. Why? because the don’t want to go through the hassle of offending somebody or getting resentful themselves.  Peace brother.  God is love.

Do all Religions pray to the same God?

One of the fun things about believing is the “search” itself.  Asking hard questions and “working out my own salvation”.  I have found diversity in the faiths can be a strong motivator to learn more.  And grow in my own faith.

Open mindedness does not have to be a bad thing.  I believe God is infinite.  He has a plan for ALL of it.  Agape love is what the God of my understanding is all about.

That’s enough for me.