On Hold With the Bank?

On Hold With the Bank?

I got some weird letter and check from my bank the other day… It’s talking about how I didn’t give them enough money on a line of credit. I was behind after getting laid off and other stupid decisions on my part.

I got the situation fixed
but then they sent me back a check for some amount that was paid earlier. (when i was really broke I sent them what I could)

The problem is the check is made out to my late wife. She has been gone for 3 years. I have told them this repeatedly but they just never seem to understand… Why does it have to be so complicated. I wish I could just pull the money out of there.

I went to a branch to get it sorted out and the gal who helped this hipster out was on hold for more than 30 minutes…They finally said they would re-issue the check in my name… Duh Er..That was easy.

She get’s paid by the hour…Good thing it was on her phone instead of my cell – Burning up my precious minutes. Lord have mercy.

Posted in 2008 – It’s always complicated when loved ones pass on. Not for them of course but for the living. Glad it got sorted out. It’s funny back then you only got a certain amount of minutes on your phone each month. Then you were charged extra.


Google Adsense – Don’t Break The Rules

Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in ...

Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in San Francisco. It was only a computer case with no parts inside.-Daniel A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got a notice from Google about my Adsense account. You can see the ad’s there on the right..(maybe) I have owned this site for several years.. I don’t blog on it much anymore. My brother uses it  a lot – he is a film buff and enjoys reviewing movies .

So anyway Google sends me an email…

One or more of your sites has been in violation of AdSense policies.

Huh? What the heck are they talking about? I go over and look!  Here it is! Yes.. My old blog… Violating Google Rules… What is it?

Well….The Email says:

AD MISLABELING: Publishers may not implement Google ads in a manner that disguises the ads in any way.

How am I doin that?  OH…. It said ‘KEWL’ above one ad. And  ‘Stuff” above another.. It can’t say that.  It has to say – Advertisements’ Or ‘sponsored links’ 😉

OK… I’m glad we got that cleared up. I have had this site up since like 2008. Hmmm 8 years. Sorry I didn’t wanna break any rules…Good they got around to telling me.

I took a quick look at my balance while I was fixing the problems..  A grand total of $76.66

It’s money in the bank……

See Drew Ride: “Riding In Cars With Boys” (2001)



Riding in Cars With Boys is what finally gets Beverly Donofrio (Drew Barrymore) pregnant.  The young man (Steve Zahn) who must then marry her eventually turns into a junkie; Beverly throws him out.  Raising her little boy alone, she is permanently prevented from going to college, and must forever wonder whether she is a good mom or a bad one.  She loves her son, but her life disappoints her.  She writes about it in the book on which this 2001 Penny Marshall film is based.

Anything but disreputable, Riding is felt and attentive to character.  Its comedy, however, is lame, and sentimentality sometimes creeps in.  The latter might not been so bothersome had scriptwriter Morgan Upton Wood been a little less unflattering toward the young men in the film.  Middle-aged men like the one James Woods plays are treated respectfully, but the young guys are either stereotypes or close to it.  At the same time, Ward nonsensically compliments women on their compassion with a line Beverly’s husband speaks to his son:  “Even total screw-ups they want to help.”

Zahn and, as Beverly’s best friend, Brittany Murphy, provide some winsome seriocomic acting.  James Woods is quietly compelling as the heroine’s father, but a redheaded Barrymore founders.  She could have been fine, but she chose to be histrionic.  Too bad Penny “Laverne & Shirley” Marshall didn’t restrain her. 

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Money cash

Money cash (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Is money they root of all evil? People have been saying that for years… So why do so many people want it? Why is money the root of what drives most people.  There is never enough of what we thought we wanted.

Money…. MONEY….. MONEY

Yes folks…. People are obsessed.. How do I know this? –

  • Check out the TV (advertisements)
  • Check out your neighbors (keeping up with the Jones’s)
  • Check out the stores (sale, SALE, bargains)
  • Check out who you work for (we got to cut costs)
  • Check out politics (need I say more?)
  • Check out Dave (I need a raise)

Betcha could add to that list? (more…)

Is The 1941 Film, “The Blood Of Jesus,” Worth Watching?

The Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Technically The Blood of Jesus (1941) is quite bad, and this includes the acting.  An American indie film, it was directed by a black director-writer, Spencer Williams, and features an all-black cast in what is a sincerely, thoroughly Christian piece of work.  Beyond the technical shortcomings, though, it offers not much more than theological fantasy, by which I mean its theology is usually dubious or even nonsensical.  But not always.

A new convert, Martha Jackson (Cathryn Caviness), is accidentally shot by her feckless husband and undergoes what I take to be a near-death experience.  Her spirit leaves her body and, in a transcendent world, she is persuaded by a henchman of the Devil to enjoy the pleasures of the juke-joint life she undoubtedly never knew when she was on earth.  But the Devil has prostitution in mind for Martha, and of course she flees.  She resists the temptation.  Running to what is called the Crossroads in this supernatural sphere, she beholds an image of the crucifixion and is treated to the salvific blood of Jesus.

Okay, but why Martha would encounter such goings-on in the next world I have no idea.  Being a Christian, she dies—or “dies”—in a state of grace, and yet the Devil is there to tempt her.  Possibly we can see an implication here that the blood of Jesus Christ is to be applied to human beings for the whole of eternity, for the moral perfection of man can never, or will never, be dissociated from it.  The movie’s appreciation for the salvific blood, in any case, is real and deep, and the scene where the blood starts dripping on the prostrate woman’s face has an impact.  I sense that it’s one thing that does make the film worth watching.

There is also some enjoyable music and dancing in The Blood of Jesus.  It’s a low-budget curio more interesting than good, and, yes, it is worth watching.

Problogger – Method’s of Being a Professional Blogger – and make money?

Wordle Cloud of the Internet Marketing Blog - ...
Image by DavidErickson via Flickr

I have been blogging since 2003 when blogger first opened and I heard about this new “wave” coming across the Internet. Then I heard about how you can make money blogging. I thought. What the heck? As I studied this further I heard of a guy making “six figures”

Of course I jumped right on in there and started this (and other) blogs.

Now there seems to be TONS of blogs that “teach” you how to become a “professional” blogger.  The most famous would be Problogger.com. He comes up right away if you do a search for “blogging” He’s a full time  blogger making over $100,000 per year.

Who can argue with success?

I went straight out to a bookstore and slapped down the $30.00 for his book. I learned a few things.. Implemented many of these suggestions  on this and another site. I had a lot of fun (like I am now) but only earned about $50.00 and it’s a lot of work, so I slowed down on the blogging and pursued other, uh… Hobbies.  (I’ll let you use your imagination)

Now there are 100’s of sites teaching many of the same things that are on the problogger website and book. They all kinda teach the same things.

  • Write fresh and interesting content
  • Use Google (and other) Ad’s
  • Network on Facebook, Twitter etc..
  • Decorate your posts with pictures, video etc
  • Use a “professional” theme (or one that looks like it)
  • Always be focused on a “niche”

Yea, yea…Whatever…  All these sites are basically writing  the same thing. How to “build a better blog” and make money with it. They are called the “A” list. And I have learned a lot from them. I have posted a comment here and there on their sites… No reply.. Why would they want to talk to a guy that’s just writing complete nonsense anyways? Ya know… (worthless opinions)

Then there’s this cat named “Griz” He has a totally different view of how to make money online. He is kinda radical and tends to bag on the “A” list dudes. He has a free blogger site up and claims he can now work a few hours a week and then play golf the rest of the time.

I enjoy following his blog but he doesn’t post much… He’s out on the golf course… You dig?

Now, in my search again, I came across a bloke who explains how it’s REALLY done. On his blog he reveals 3 secrets to a popular blog. Hey now, I can dig it.  I have kinda tried #3 for awhile. (It’s one of Griz’s methods) But I don’t want to work as hard as he did.. I just want to post wacky stuff in my “niche” – Opinion. And like everybody… I got an opinion on EVERYTHING.