Oklahoma Turnpike – Broke Equipment

Remains of a toll road gate, Újhartyán, Hungary
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Living here in OK is just a turnpike away from getting where ya need o go. You always have a choice.. You can take the free road or you can shave an hour or more off your trip by paying for the faster rout.

This isn’t a totally bad thing. Expecially if you have lived her you entire life… You get used to it ya know?

My problem with it all is a few times when I pull up to the toll gate and throw my change into the little bucket nothing happens. Hmmm? Maybe I didn’t count it right…So I grab some more and throw that in too.

The light stays RED. What the heck? I look over at the booth with the worker and they are working away… Not looking at me.

“HEY!  I’m outta change here… I put plenty in and the light won’t turn green…Wassup”?

No answer… Just a sullan look my way and then back to work….

So…. I just drive on through anyways…  DING DING DING DING. There goes the alarm… I keep driving looking for police to pull me over.

This has happened at least 3 times on different turnpikes. If they are going to have those things then perhaps they should step up the maintenance on the equipment.

I can hardly wait till the ticket comes in the mail from when they took a picture of my license tag.

Blockbuster and Redbox – Problems Renting Movies

Off To The Movies
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Oh yes… I love to rent movies. I rarely buy them because when I do I watch then one time and then they sit on the shelf or get stolen… The good movies anyways.

But why does there have to be a struggle with renting movies? Oh, I just know all you hipsters understand what I’m sayin. You rent one from blockbuster, watch it and then take it back and then you recieve a little telephone call ( or not) and then they hit your bank account..

Hey, I already brought  that movie back… You dig?

So you go up to the store and and say… You guys took the money out of my bank account for a movie that I already brought back… Well, we can’t see on our computer what the main office is doing. They really just don’t have any answers for me.  Oh wait…Here it is… We have a some new employees.

Sure…always blame it on the new guy.

I thought I’d give redbox a try…It’s cheap and seems easy enough.  I set up an account online and reserved a movie. I went to go pick it up and it didn’t work… “Can’t dispense movie at this time” Of course it hit my bank account anyways.

So. Guess I may try a mail order service… I got a really good feeling about that one.

My Opinion – What’s it Worth?

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Well this is my favorite blog… It was a brainstorm of mine after meeting a friend who had a celebrity blog and was making some money at it.. ( A living actually)

It was a crazy dream of mine that people would actually be interested in what DaveStuff actually has to say.  I figured people would often search for “controversial opinion” (and they do) would want to comment on my silly opinions and perhaps contribe to them too.  I am #1 in controversial opinions in google… But to what avail?

I used techniques I learned from ProBlogger to put this site together and hopefully to monetize it! (Do ya see the ads?)

I have not made enough money to even get the first check from Google‘s AdSense program. But that’s OK

I Still Love To Give my Opinions and have more plans to continue this blog and to certainly keep my loyal readers happy… I get anywhere from 20 to 60 visitors every day and would love to keep serving it up!

I’m working on  a new brainstorm now… On a later  post I’ll elaborate on that one…So stayed subscribed… You dig?

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Emotions and Addiction

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So what are you addicted to?

I know I’m addicted to everything from red stripe beer to ice cream… I gotta have more of everything and less of nothing… Constant stimulation is the order of the day… If not, them I’m sleeping… Let the good times roll! If their ain’t no fun. I’m outta here. Now Tweet it!

It’s not enough to see that new Star Wars movie… I gotta see that movie stoned!

Stimulate my emotions… When I go to the shopping mall I gotta study chicks. Make millions of emotional and mental evaluations. And then move on to the next stage of visualizing the greatness of my conclusions. THAT one AND that one would bring total bliss to my life! Gee what a revelation.

Now I know some of ya cat’s gotta identify with this. Were only human.
HEY! I’m working on it… At least I recognize myself… Get happy under my own skin! (as long as it’s comfortable)

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Dentist Trips and XRays

Sagittal section of a tooth
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I suppose I have had about 500 dental x-rays in the past few years.

The problem is that insurance changes at the job and then you have to go find a new dentist and they all want to do a full set of x-rays…. I suppose you could go back to your old dentist to get his but I’m sure that won’t be good enough for the new dentist.

I never remember having to take so many x-rays at the dentist my whole childhood and early adult years… Now things have changed . They gotta see EVERYTHING that needs to be fixed. For me, as usual… It’s a mouthful

PANORAMA X-Ray… And I still havn’t gotten my teeth cleaned… That comes later  with two 2 hour appointments… I can hardly wait!

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