Remains of a toll road gate, Újhartyán, Hungary
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Living here in OK is just a turnpike away from getting where ya need o go. You always have a choice.. You can take the free road or you can shave an hour or more off your trip by paying for the faster rout.

This isn’t a totally bad thing. Expecially if you have lived her you entire life… You get used to it ya know?

My problem with it all is a few times when I pull up to the toll gate and throw my change into the little bucket nothing happens. Hmmm? Maybe I didn’t count it right…So I grab some more and throw that in too.

The light stays RED. What the heck? I look over at the booth with the worker and they are working away… Not looking at me.

“HEY!  I’m outta change here… I put plenty in and the light won’t turn green…Wassup”?

No answer… Just a sullan look my way and then back to work….

So…. I just drive on through anyways…  DING DING DING DING. There goes the alarm… I keep driving looking for police to pull me over.

This has happened at least 3 times on different turnpikes. If they are going to have those things then perhaps they should step up the maintenance on the equipment.

I can hardly wait till the ticket comes in the mail from when they took a picture of my license tag.