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So what are you addicted to?

I know I’m addicted to everything from red stripe beer to ice cream… I gotta have more of everything and less of nothing… Constant stimulation is the order of the day… If not, them I’m sleeping… Let the good times roll! If their ain’t no fun. I’m outta here. Now Tweet it!

It’s not enough to see that new Star Wars movie… I gotta see that movie stoned!

Stimulate my emotions… When I go to the shopping mall I gotta study chicks. Make millions of emotional and mental evaluations. And then move on to the next stage of visualizing the greatness of my conclusions. THAT one AND that one would bring total bliss to my life! Gee what a revelation.

Now I know some of ya cat’s gotta identify with this. Were only human.
HEY! I’m working on it… At least I recognize myself… Get happy under my own skin! (as long as it’s comfortable)

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