I got some weird letter and check from my bank the other day… It’s talking about how I didn’t give them enough money on a line of credit. I was behind after getting laid off and other stupid decisions on my part.

I got the situation fixed
but then they sent me back a check for some amount that was paid earlier. (when i was really broke I sent them what I could)

The problem is the check is made out to my late wife. She has been gone for 3 years. I have told them this repeatedly but they just never seem to understand… Why does it have to be so complicated. I wish I could just pull the money out of there.

I went to a branch to get it sorted out and the gal who helped this hipster out was on hold for more than 30 minutes…They finally said they would re-issue the check in my name… Duh Er..That was easy.

She get’s paid by the hour…Good thing it was on her phone instead of my cell – Burning up my precious minutes. Lord have mercy.

Posted in 2008 – It’s always complicated when loved ones pass on. Not for them of course but for the living. Glad it got sorted out. It’s funny back then you only got a certain amount of minutes on your phone each month. Then you were charged extra.