Well, Hmmm? Is it natural. Or is it dyed. Or is it a wig? Hey…It’s late. I’m turning into a pumpkin here. What’s a hipster to do? That’s something that Rod Stewart believes huh?
Of course I got a heck of a topic about him.. But that is somewhere else on this blog. I have no idea where. And, I don’t care.

Do you care about blonds? What about red heads? 

I think Brunets¬† have more fun than any…That’s probably why I married one. And now, as we grow old together we have more fun that ever.¬†

Blonds – Fun?

Depends on who you ask. But you can only ask the question a few times. it get’s boring after awhile. In fact, it gets really tired. Some might say it is stating the obvious. But I can’t agree.

Brunets have more fun, period.