It’s increasingly hard for movies to be interesting.  A Danish picture with a lot of English dialogue (as well as a lot of subtitles), Susanne Bier’s Love Is All You Need (2013) is wispy and largely unimaginative—in short, a yawner.  Not at all is it redeemed by the southern Italy shots and the absence of sentimentality.  The characters, especially the men (played by Pierce Brosnan, Kim Bodnia and others), are depicted not only in a shallow way but in a laughably, almost stupidly shallow way.  The dialogue reveals so little about them you’re tempted to wonder why it even exists.

Bier has done far better than this in the recent past—with Open Hearts, for example—but it was slightly easier in the recent past to make interesting movies.  I suspect audiences will not long tolerate being bored.

English: Brosnan Pierce at Cannes in 2002.

English: Brosnan Pierce at Cannes in 2002. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)