Who says there will be a pre-Tribulation Rapture?  It doesn’t seem quite compatible with what the Bible says about the suffering of the saints, but maybe the Christians who believe in it are right; I don’t know.  The 2014 Left Behind movie has a way of making the concept slightly dubious, even though this is not the apocalyptic picture’s problem.  The early footage is promising, but afterwards Vic Armstrong proves he doesn’t know how to direct the film, which is why it is rhythmless, clumsy and pseudo-clever.

Left Behind is a more successful Christian action film than the very bad Trinity Broadcasting Left Behind of 2000, but this isn’t saying much.  Nicolas Cage’s commanding performance as Rayford Steele, however, is enjoyable, and the not-bad Nicky Whalen (as Hattie) is a beautiful woman.  You might want to try out the movie, after all.