You might want to read an article for the right-leaning website, The American Thinker, called “Was Mollie Tibbetts the Victim of Mexican Machismo?” by Jeannie DeAngelis (Aug. 26)

This would be the Mexican machismo of the illegal immigrant, Cristhian Bahena Rivera, who evidently murdered Miss Tibbetts.  To be sure, most illegals would never perpetrate such an act, but just how much machismo do we want to cross the U.S. border or overstay a visa?  Machismo, I’m sure, is very averse to being rejected by women.

“Hold on, Dean,” a detractor might say.  “Immigrant machismo is not claiming the lives of a lot of American women!”  Maybe not.  The mainstream news media wouldn’t tell us if it was.  Even so, what if border security weakens again and continued influxes of Latin American immigrants lead to frequent murders of American women?  What if “catch and release” gets underway again?

Miss DeAngelis writes, “For the record, in 2016 alone, an estimated seven women a day lost their lives in Mexico [a much smaller country than the United States, remember] to femicide in public locations.”  But, hey, don’t worry.  The felony rate of illegal immigrants is gratifyingly lower than that of American citizens, right?  Irrelevant!  So says Daniel John Sobieski, another American Thinker writer, and he’s right.  He avers, “The murder rate for illegal aliens should be zero because none of them should be here . . . ” (Aug. 27)