Lacey Chabert plays Gwyneth—she whom God is pursuing—in Christian Mingle and is wonderful.  She delights by handling comedy even more confidently than she did in Mean Girls, and she is “natural” enough for a romance picture, for the role of lovelorn professional.  Her acting as varied as it should be, when she innocently declares, “I want Jesus in my life,” it is touching.  Unsurprisingly, there is too much product placement in Minglethat of—but not too much Chabert.

I say again that religious content in Bernsen’s film is very unsubtle, but how much does this matter?  Does it matter at all?  Unsubtlety here might have its own fascination, particularly since the film, for all its shortcomings, avoids becoming preachy.  Christian Mingle is sort of a curio.

English: American voice actress Lacey Chabert,...

English: American voice actress Lacey Chabert, former voice actor of Meg Griffin, a Family Guy character. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)