Catchy or not, are the songs in the 2016 movie musical, La La Land, interesting?  I would say yes, almost all of them are—and they’re catchy besides.  Which means they are pretty good, contrary to what some of the critics think.

Well directed by Damien Chazelle, the movie’s story nevertheless should have been better, not so dull and flimsy.  (Why does Mia believe her one-woman show will be a success?)  Until the climax, Chazelle stops taking chances with his song-and-dance numbers in order to let this bland story flow.  What’s more, I don’t always like the film’s dim lighting.  I do like the acting of Ryan Gosling and, especially, Emma Stone, though.  Gosling is solid, Stone is marvelously solid.

Go see La La Land for the music and the acting.