I’ve been staying away from novels that are primarily about human relationships.    I see all the relationships, mostly male-female, I need to see on the CW’s Jane the Virgin.

Episode 19 (a.k.a. Chapter 19) on Monday night, April 20th, brought us breakups: between Jane and Rafael, et al., and was an especially interesting episode.  And a rich one.  Now that Jane is sad and free, her ex-fiance Michael is again drawn to her—and, I might add, drawn away from his fellow police officer Nadine, who deliberately blows it in the pair’s current case.  She has fears, you see:  some of these people encounter some really deplorable violence.  Ask Petra (still winning our sympathy).  Ask Grandma Alba.  (Will Magda receive her comeuppance?)

Fyi, in Episode 19 Jane skinny dips—pregnant belly not visible—and wants to lose her virginity.  But doesn’t.  Why would she?  The show is called Jane the VIRGIN.