The “Americans” in the TV series, The Americans, are in reality Soviet spies masquerading as an American husband (Matthew Rhys) and wife (Keri Russell), who keep their identities—and subversive activities—a secret even from their two U.S.-born children.  They go by the names Philip and Elizabeth, and the time is the early Eighties.  I have been watching Season 2 of the show on DVD.  I haven’t seen any of the current episodes.

However far-fetched the plot details might be, this is a sophisticated, pleasurable program.  Whatever inept moves the FBI makes, the KGB looks even more inept.  And Philip and Elizabeth, true believers in the Commie cause, will resort to out-and-out murder, albeit not without Philip feeling guilty.

Sex ‘n’ violence exist in The Americans, and the former has increased during the second season to the point where it’s nearly exploitive. I say “nearly.”

Two more episodes to go (I think).