“We locked eyes for a moment and felt the bond of sisterhood between two Christians who had hopes and dreams that seemed to have stalled right over the Bermuda Triangle.”

Not a bad descriptive sentence, this, from a born-again—and also talented—writer, Sandra Byrd, author of Don’t Kiss Him Good-bye (2010), the source of the sentence.  The hopes and dreams are those of the narrator, Savvy Smith, an American high school exchange student living in London.  They are the usual hopes and dreams, even for a Christian: the “him” in the novel’s title is a British crush called Tommy, a non-boyfriend for Savvy but not a non-Christian.  Tommy, however, is involved with Chloe.  Will Savvy even be able to attend the May Day Ball as something other a photojournalist for the school paper, London Confidential?

Er, when I picked Good-bye up, I thought it was the first book in Byrd’s series for young people, also called London Confidential; but it’s the third.  Oh, well.  At least the item enables me to see, when the subject of being “unequally yoked” with an unbeliever comes up, how nicely subtle a writer Byrd can be.  And its being #3 in the series hardly left me lost.