Acid Music; Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour album cover
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I have always thought that Magical Mystery Tour could have been recorded in the garage somewhere… Or some of it anyways… It’s not all that great of a recording.  Even though it is a great record over all…

George Martin has been hailed as such a great producer…And he was…But there are many other records from this period that have as good or better recordings.  The song “magical mystery tour” is paticarly noisy and muddy.

I remember back when the early Beatles CD’s first came out… They were all released in mono… To preserve the “original” recordings… They “fake stereo” vinyl records sound better.

Anyways, Magical has some magical music on it… I like the song “flying“… It is the picture of 60’s psychedelia… Love that trippy guitar.

The string arangements on “I am the Walarus” has to be the best in rock and roll. And that saxaphone (I think) playing on “Baby im a Rich Man” is the most bizarre horn part I have ever heard. That is Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones playing that… Miss that guy.

Other Highlighs

  • Hello Goodbuy – Great guitar line and simple lyrical message.
  • Your Mother Should Know – Dance to a song before your mother was born
  • Strawberry Fields Forever – Maybe the best John lennon Song ever.

I am here as you are here as we are all together – John Lennon

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