Drug Testing For Welfare.

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They plan to put a stop to it. “Get those people treatment” So, I guess if your on food stamps or section 8 and you come up dirty.. Your CUT off.. Good luck, you’ll need it. Surely it’s not that bad is it? Perhaps they will give you a few chances… I dunno…

Of course the problem with that is alcohol is legal. And even if they do test you they would have to test you while you are drunk or shortly thereafter or it wouldn’t make any difference anyways…

It’s kind of like when human services comes to check your home to take your kids away…If they find some marijuana in your home they take the kid’s right then and there…But what if they find a couple of 1/2 gallons of vodka? No problem. You just have a nightcap here and there.

Of course you still have to take a drug test to hold a job…Almost anywhere. But you can still drown yourself in whiskey and work anywhere.. It’s a strange world isn’t it?

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