All the accepted ignorance and universal dumbing-down, all the pop culture foolishness and great-unwashed breeding have taken their toll in the world of Idiocracy, a 2006 film by Mike Judge.

A science experiment goes wrong:  an otiose soldier (Luke Wilson) and a cynical prostitute (Maya Rudolph) placed in artificial hibernation end up awakening in the year 2505, soon discovering that the entire human race is pitifully dumb.  Education is nil, though handed-down technology exists; stupidity, obscenity and certain forms of violence are everywhere.  National problems go unsolved.  It is hoped, even so, by the fun-loving President of the United States that Wilson’s soldier, who has the highest I.Q. in the world now, will save the country from future starvation.  Crops fail to grow because the citizens are stupidly watering them with a sports drink.

As one can see, there is satire here.  The humor, though hopeful, is barbed and frank—and funny.  Consider that a character’s favorite TV show is titled (profanity alert) Ow, My Balls!   How’s that for an attack on commercial entertainment?  But this leads me to mention that this film which focuses on so much societal vulgarity, especially sexual vulgarity, is itself rather vulgar.  And it is not always smoothly written; the movie sputters here and there.  But no matter.  Idiocracy has a raison d’etre.  It’s serious.  We’re better off with it than without it.  Duh! anyone?

Cover of "Idiocracy"

Cover of Idiocracy