The 2018 Mission: Impossible—Fallout is another top-notch action picture in the long-lived saga.  Near the end there are the unkillable bodies of the good people (especially Tom Cruise‘s Ethan Hunt) amid mountains in Kashmir, which is fine.  But the film is probably more satisfying when it is set in France and duly doubles down on The French Connection—the car chase, I mean.  And, to me, it was pleasing to see Ethan, perplexed about how to save a struck-down policewoman’s life, pull out a simple handgun and shoot every single man disposed to commit murder.

The cast isn’t great, it’s perfect.  Perfect for an MI movie.  Henry Cavill does not disappoint as a nefarious double agent, and Vanessa Kirby, very good-looking, is seductively adroit as The White Widow.  Unlike Cavill, she gets to keep her British accent.

Written and directed (without in-your-face obtrusiveness) by Christopher McQuarrie.