That tour de force of commercialism, Jane the Virgin, is back for a second season.  Gina Rodriguez is older (31) and looks it.  Andrea Navedo, the woman who plays her mother, is only 38 (!) though she could pass for 44.  Which doesn’t mean Navedo isn’t pretty; she certifiably is.  Yael Grobglas (Petra) is the same age as Rodriguez but seems older, and is still lovely.  Past their twenties, these women have had a lot of time to develop their acting chops, and develop them they did.

At the end of Season One, Jane’s newborn baby was kidnapped, but it’s okay.  He’s back.  And Jane is naturally shaken and nervous over motherhood, and given to frank talk (in last night’s show) about breastfeeding.  It’s just too bad it was a rather uninteresting episode.  It wasn’t scintillating or adventurous.  But I believe the writers tried—-and that tour-de-force commercialism, the naked drive to entertain, won’t let us down.  Hope not, anyway.