The new Mexican movie, Lo mas sencille es complicarlo todo (2018) features English subtitles but not an English title.  Netflix, which picked it up, translates it as “The Simplest Thing Is To Complicate Everything”—not the simplest title.  No wonder the Spanish title was retained.

In its essence this comic item respects the honorable idea that teenagers and sexual intercourse don’t mix.  Then again, there is no intercourse in Sencille, not even between adults:  it’s largely a family film.  A conniving adolescent, Renata, is played by a stunning girl, Danna Paola; and she can act.  We sympathize with Renata because of her youth but that’s the only reason.  Not only does she subvert the love relationship between a beautiful blonde and the man Renata is crazy about, but she also insults people in her private speech.  She gets exactly what she deserves.

Goofy in its whimsicality, the film can be disappointingly hokey.  And it failed to make me laugh much.  Director Rene Bueno is not much of a scriptwriter.  Still, this would-be crowd pleaser works as a middlebrow, pop-arty entertainment.  It’s sprightly; it’s like The Bachelor on speed, except it’s sweet.  You could do worse with a Netflix film.

(In Spanish with English subtitles)