On the second season of Turn (on DVD):

One wonders why there aren’t more protections for people in the Revolutionary War series, Turn, as when the reprehensible Lt. John Simcoe (Samuel Roukin) is sent by the British army to take command of a group of punks but has no accompanying soldiers to prevent the punks from doing violence to Simcoe.  As it happens, Simcoe doesn’t need protection—a likely story!—but, really, no-protection is often just part of the existential circumstances in this world of conflict and spies (for George Washington).

Spy Abraham Woodhull (Jamie Bell) gets knocked around but good, but knows the risk he’s always running.  It’s the falsely accused and the betrayed who are frequently unaware of terrible risks.  It’s a nifty cliffhanger when poor Major Hewlitt (Burn Gorman), a Brit, is foolishly seized. . . J.J. Feild, an American actor playing the British John Andre, maintains nice chemistry with Ksenia Solo (as Peggy Shippen), and so far their scenes together have been a small respite from the bloody goings-on.  But for how long?