Reggie (the Audrey Hepburn character):  Do you know what’s wrong with you?

The Cary Grant character:  What?

Reggie:  Absolutely nothing.

But wait.  Reggie believes this because she’s infatuated with the Grant character and doesn’t really know him.  Doesn’t the charade in Stanley Donen‘s Charade (1963) break down, revealing Grant to be a big-time thief and even a murderer?

A murderer— with the kind of wit he displays?

Later, Reggie falls in love with Grant, but more frequently she adverts to her fear, to how afraid she is.  She might be snuffed out by one of the movie’s criminals.  Charade has honesty, as well as appealing improbable twists.  It is a funny thriller directed with perfect smarts by the careful Donen.

‘Twas a great vehicle for Hepburn too.