The virginity of Jane The Virgin, now married, is gone.  She and Michael had sex, and the show is sophisticated enough to present Jane feeling rather dismayed as though part of her identity has fallen away.  But, hey, she’ll get used to it—already is used to it by the episode’s end.  Why was an odd animated sequence used to confirm it?  (Is this show gimmicky, or what?)

Jane and Michael are true to each other.  Not so Luisa and Rose, a.k.a Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan), and no wonder.  We are shown a list of Rose’s murder victims, one of whom is Luisa’s father.  It’s a deal breaker, you could say, except where the lesbian sex is concerned.  (Luisa will still have that.  Incidentally, will she ever practice medicine again?)  Anyway, Jane the Virgin is always better when sinister doings and thus police actions are taking place, as they do near the conclusion of last night’s episode.  Before this, what we saw was ALMOST boring.  Not quite, but almost.