Are The Beatles Overrated?

Beatles Suck?I was talking with this musician. He said he didn’t like the Beatles. He said that he only likes maybe 3 or 4 good songs from their entire catalog. Wing’s stuff included.

“They are overrated.” He said

I said.”What?”

“You heard me.”

I guess so.  I was practicing some selective hearing there. It always freaks me out when I hear that kind of thing. Only 3 good songs.  Very strange.

Back in my 20’s I remember I was sweet on this girl. She was real pretty. I met her at a gig. We covered some Beatles songs.

She invited me over to her house and put on some music.  Some rap stuff I had never heard before. Luke Skywalker or something.

When it was finally over I asked her: “Got any Beatles?”

She said.. No, I don’t like the Beatles.


They suck and they can’t sing.

I said….”What?”

“You heard me.”

It was a deal breaker. I didn’t like rap back then and for her to consider this Luke guy to be better than the Beatles seemed ridiculous to me.

Isn’t the Beatles trademark the vocal quality of their songs? That can’t sing? Again, very strange.

Lately I have been on a Google kick. Playing around with searches and seeing what come’s up #1 for a given search.

Tonight I searched: Where the Beatles overrated?  I felt lucky

When I first scanned the page I thought….Well that’s kinda weak. Come on Google.  You can do better than that.  But the more I studied it the more amused I became.

I guess it was a good choice. The Google search widget is entertaining.

He doesn’t make much of a case as to why they are overrated tho. He just talks about how they suck and how many people he pisses off every year the page is up.  He probably get’s tons of traffic.

He really should put up some Google ad’s there since Google  show’s  so much love.  But then the ad’s would probably display Beatles stuff. Go figure.

That would be hypocrisy tho huh?

If you want to make a case as to why the Beatles are overrated and suck I’m ready to listen.  To each their own of course.  They are overrated, I agree.  But then they have some serious notariety too.

To completely disrespect, especially for a musician.. Is, well, strange...

6 Responses to “Are The Beatles Overrated?”

  • They were saccharine and childish (lyrically), especially with Paul at the helm…

  • My few cents:

    I love/hate the Beatles. I love the Beatles because they come from ‘beginning’ of musical experimentation in the studio, which in turn inspired musicians for decades. When I mix music 3 times out of 10 they have a Revolution no.9 feel to them. I hate Beatles because they are overplayed. I had a convo with a person who disliked the Beatles, they put it this way,” I grew up when the Beatles first hit the airwaves, they were as overplayed then as they are today.” Valid point.

    Luke Skywalker > The Beatles…. no F’ing way. I would have back hand pimp slapped her like how Skywalker “raps” it

    • Thank you Shane… Yes… Overplayed indeed…. Geeze those guys… Still… I luv em….and that’s “all you need” LOL :)

    • BigBadObamaJama:

      The Beatles are NOT overrated. The Beatles are overplayed because after 40 years people still want to listen to them. They are an AMAZING band! When I listen deeply to them, I am often blown away at how articulate they play and sing and harmonize. They use more chords than most of today’s rockers even know! Most rockers today don’t even play chords or know how! They play two string intervals buried in a muddy distortion!!The Beatles played Major6th and 7ths, diminished and augmented chords in brillantly play simple pop tunes! As a musician who was born the year they broke up, I find them truly an amazing group of musicians. People must understand that they sang and played these songs at the same time! This reveals not only an incredible co-ordination and musicianship, but shear talent articulately played that unfortunatly, you just don’t see as much these days among popular bands. I beg somebody to PLEASE invent the time machine so I can travel back to see the Beatles!!!

  • I like some of their songs and won’t deny they were great songwriters, but like Shane I have just heard them too much. It’s hard to say they are “overrated” though, they did mature from their earlier work which I quite disliked. It’s hard to knock a band who have contributed so much, even if I’m not really a fan.

  • Cal:

    Whether or not they are a good band is an opinion.
    Do some research and you will see they did not invent everything about music.

    One example is “Dripsody” by Hugh Le Caine.


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