Biden and Palin The Great Debate

A lot of fun this election year. I got to watch the 2nd half of the vice presidential debate on TV Thursday night… It was a lot of fun. Many people are saying that Palin won. I dunno.

He had on a nice suit and she had some killer red shoes.
That’s what I noticed… And of course Palin was looking good as ever. Smiling and talking with that sweet little northern accent. As David Letterman was saying later… Biden was probably imagining her up there naked…Heck wouldn’t YOU?

What is this country going to do? I’m looking forward to finding out…It’s got to get better than what it is… When you hit bottom there’s no where to go but up right?

Will it be McCain and Palin the “Mavericks For Change
That’s funny…Both camps realize they have to preach change because everybody can’t stand the Bush/Chaney show. It’s time to switch channels… Even Bush’s own party realizes that.

I’m glad the George Bush Show is almost over. But will the new cast really be any better. The Obama camp says it will be just “more of the same” Oh no….Anything but that. If McCain does win I hope he is a “maverick” as Palin claims. Change is good.

Do an “Arby’s” “Different is Better”


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