Do UFO’s Exist?

Huge headed aliens and stuff. You know.. Glittering eyes. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and ET. Wow… I love that stuff. Area 51. Is there really something “out there” ? I have heard it said that these aliens were actually demon’s of Satan’s army. Just to fool us into not believing in God. Or something… You ever heard that before? Well now you have!

4 Responses to “Do UFO’s Exist?”

  • Brian Slack:

    Why not? Are we all that small minded to believe that we are actually the only ones in even our universe with transportation?

  • Anonymous:

    area 51 is just a cover up of the truth…but not of extra terestrials or how ever u spell it

    its a cover up of the 1969 moon landing…which never happened
    area 51 is located where they pretended that neil armstrong walked on the moon…when all he did was walk over the arizona desert in a space suit

  • Allison:

    Yes. We are aliens searching other planets. We are the bad kind of aliens too, because we wouldn’t want to just meet them. The human race would want to know what they have to offer, and we’d want to disect them. We’d take any technology or resources they have and learn about them only to gain enough knowlege to overtake them. “All your base are belong to us.”

  • Dave:

    I love aliens…And they love me!


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